Elorus.com ui/ux design


After the first meeting with Pantelis and George I realised that I was working with two brilliant software engineers who had a solid idea and product.

The concept of Elorus was to have a website (designed for freelancers and small businesses), that effectively deals with time consuming tasks like invoicing and billing, and making these tasks run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The brief was first to design a beautiful and user friendly website to attract new users, and then redesign the user interface of the actual web application.

Elorus responsive design
Website design

User friendly, attract new users, professionalism

There is a lot of competition. Dozens of online invoicing competitors who offer each one and a different feature trying to attracts users.

My goal was to design a homepage, and using my own experiences as a freelancer I thought, What I would to do when I first visit the website? Will I find the top features first? Is the call to action button the correct colour to attract the user to click it? What people say about the service?

Elorus responsive design
Product design

The mighty dashboard

Ok I managed to make the user click that f... button now what?

This is where I need to call upon my experience and knowledge in order to design a user interface for the product.

Firstly I needed to make the user's onboarding as easy as possible. I designed wireframes and I prototyped the procedure on Invion App and presented to Pantelis and George. Feedback was more than welcome, then I completed the high fidelity mockups and delivered them to Pantelis for implementation.

I have started designing the dashboard where the user gets a glimpse of his company but its still work in progress so I have to delay it for a while until its live. Can't wait? Check out my Dribbble account for my shots...

Elorus onboarding design

Viva Wallet, an integrated payment solution for businesses and individuals, invested in their platform showing that they have developed a reliable product to help small businesses with their financial needs.

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